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Food Consumption


Food consumption data provide the basis for the completion of risk assessments through the calculation of the dietary exposure of consumers to foodborne hazards.

These consumption data are obtained through surveys that must be designed and carried out in such a way that ensures the data obtained have a high degree of reliability.

In the European Union, the , the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) carries out different activities geared towards standardizing the surveys:

  • Guide to requirements with which surveys must comply in order for data to be included in the European database. 

  • The EU Menu project, for the harmonisation of the collection of food consumption data in the European Union.

In Spain, AESAN has conducted the ENALIA survey on the child and adolescent population, and the ENALIA 2 survey on the adult population aged up to 75, which also includes a small sample of pregnant women. 

The food consumption data from these surveys, together with those from other European countries, are available from the EFSA website through the EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database