Food Safety/Specific National Plans for Official Control
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Specific National Plans for Official Control


The National Plan for Official Control of the Food Chain indicates the existing information on official controls.

A series of provisions have been implemented at the European level for specific areas and risks; among other objectives, the purpose of these is to establish harmonised criteria to be applied by all Member States in specific areas, including:

  • Microbial agents to detect.
  • Substances and residues to research.
  • Sampling frequency.
  • Place of sampling.
  • Laboratory methods.
  • Means of submitting data.
  • Measures taken.

The aim of this is to obtain a range of data that may be compared and be used for different purposes, such as identifying trends, being aware of the situation at a given time, formulating scientific opinions, identifying issues requiring future action (changes to regulations, improving risk-based controls). They will act as a tool both for consultation and for the continuous improvement of the official control system.

Examples of these plans include the surveillance of zoonoses and zoonotic agents, controlling pesticide residues, surveillance of antimicrobial resistance, the national residue research plan, and targeted studies.