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Scientific Committee


The Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, as established by article 4.4a) of Law 11/2001, of 5 July, is the body responsible for providing scientific advisory services in order that the Agency can carry out the activities assigned to it. In this regard, the Scientific Committee plays the role of providing scientific reports on food safety and nutrition, establishing the nature of the research work necessary for its functions and coordinating the work of the groups of experts who evaluate the risk associated with the Agency’s activity.

Law 17/2011, of 5 July on Food Safety and Nutrition establishes in Article 31 that the Scientific Committee is the body of AESAN responsible for assuming the functions of risk assessment and identification of emerging risks.

Food Safety and Nutrition Section

The Food Safety and Nutrition Section comprises 20 members of recognised scientific ability in diverse fields related to food safety.